McDevelopment: 2.5 billion people NOT served

Wanting to assist a village in Columbia with its rice production, a nonprofit organization gathered the villagers into a cooperative and bought them a thresher, a motorized huller, a generator, and a tractor. Rice production boomed, and the cooperative sold the rice at the highest price the farmers had ever received.

The project appeared to be a tremendous success. The nonprofit organization then left the village, but several years later one of its staff members returned to find that the cooperative had completely disbanded and that all of the equipment was broken down and rusting away in the fields. In fact, some of the equipment had never been used at all. Yet, as the staff member walked through the village, the people pleaded with him, “If [your organization] would just come help us again, we could do so much!”.

“The role of the outsider is not to do something to or for the economically poor individual or community, but to seek solutions together with them.” – Corbett and Fikkert

How does this effect the efforts or work of your ministry to others?

Read more about this topic from When Helping Hurts on Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox newsletter.

When Helping Hurts, by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert

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