Ethiopia 2014

2014 Team Photo

Welcome to our site for our Ethiopia Team of 2014! The fourteen of us are very excited and counting down the days until our departure!

The Team:
Tim, Shanna & Isaiah, Wendy, Jay & Kimberly, Jason, Ron & Karen, Sherri, Chad & Uriah, Randy & Matthew

Our brief schedule:
Friday, Jan 24 Fly out
Sun, Jan 26 Arrive in the morning, meet with church and Compassion partner program
Mon, Jan 27 VBS, home visits
Tues, Jan 28 Outreach and Evangelism, CDSP home visits, Bible training
Wed, Jan 29 CSP program, home visits
Thur, Jan 30 home visits, Bible training
Fri, Jan 31 Outreach and Evangelism, home visits
Sat, Feb 1 Training, Fun Day with our sponsored children and their families
Sun, Feb 2 Church – some will be preaching, Closing time with church staff and Compassion staff
Mon, Feb 3 Head back to Addis Ababa the capital city, shopping, meal, and catch our flight back home
Tues, Feb 4 Arrive back home

We covet your prayers during this time and leading up to this time. Pray for health, unity, wisdom, guidance, God to open the doors for lives to be saved… Thank you!