About the 2010 trip

We are excited to see what God has planned for this trip. It is a quick trip, but a start as we lay the foundation of our partnership. Our current schedule (which we know can change at any moment) is this: one day of meeting church staff and possibly having some medical discussions (by those on the team skilled in this area) and painting (for the rest of us). Another day we will spend attending their church services and again spending more time with them. This will be a strategic time for us as we discuss how and when future trips will be done, what are the needs they have and what are the needs we have, working toward a 2-way relationship.

3 days will be with Compassion children. One of those days will be with the 290+ children in the Compassion program in this church doing VBS with them. Another day will be the 70+ children in this program who specifically have sponsors through our church. We have letters, pictures drawn by children in our church and packages from their sponsors. This will be a Field Day/BBQ time with lots of fun and high interaction with the children. Another day will be with those children who are sponsored by those of us going on the trip – we will have the opportunity to talk with them, meet their families, see their homes, possibly their schools, etc. What a fun and impactful several days!

Our final day before we fly out in the evening, we will meet with our LDP church sponsored child (Leadership Development Program – one who has excelled in school, shown leadership qualities in their community and is now being supported by our church while attending college). We will also see a guy who recently graduated from the Compassion sponsorship program that a couple on the team used to support. In the midst of these meetings, we’ll have lunch, dinner and a short time to shop for a few items to bring back home (most likely coffee).

Please pray for us. 3 of the 6 people going on this trip have never been outside of the country. We all are eager to see what God will show us through this trip. Pray that we will learn from these dear brothers and sisters in Christ on the other side of the world. Pray that we will come away with a good understanding and clear ideas of how we can develop our partnership and grow together. Pray for our time with all the sponsored children – letting them know that our love for them comes from Christ alone! Pray for safety & health for our team. Pray that we will be unified with our team and our partnering church. Thank you!!!

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