Today we were so fortunate to meet with many of the great people of Debre Zeit on an outreach mission in the Kurkura neighborhood. When we arrived we split into small groups; and with the help of interpreters, we told the blessed story of Jesus to over a hundred men, women and children. In a very short time we prayed that each and everyone of them received a basic understanding of the plan of salvation and let them know of the small church plant in their area that would be available at any time to meet with them. Through God’s grace 19 individuals came to know Jesus as his or her personal Savior. Knowing that God is using all of us to encourage and minister to others, is such a blessing to each of us.

Later that afternoon the team met with 12 of the elderly from the neighborhood. There were many difficult and touching stories told by those who have lived in this level of poverty all of their lives. It was obvious to all of us that their lives have been extremely hard – mentally, emotionally and physically. We prayed with the group that God would fulfill their needs, continue to protect, give them comfort and bless them with health and true joy. Some of the elderly asked for individual prayer for current circumstances.



In the evening we met with church leaders for dinner. The purpose of the gathering was to fellowship with them, to enjoy Ethiopian cuisine and to discuss the potential of new land for them and space issues as they continue to grow in size. We also were able to discuss their new program to the elderly and how we can come alongside them in this endeavor to share the love of Christ with them and help them to have dignified lives.

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