Our morning began with a return to the church with mom ans babies ready to begin their weekly morning activities as part of the Child Survival Program. we had the opportunity to join them ths day and hold and love on their babies. The moms were so proud to have us see their baby and take photos with them. The small room amazingly held about forty of us and was filled with toys . Babies, mom, and our team members. Throughout the morning. It was easy to lay with the children as there are no differences or language barriersin playing, with play dough, little makinas (cars) , dolls, sharing a smile or laugh or breaking up a little kids squabble.



After our time with the children, we went into the church sanctuary where Sherri gave a presentation to the CSP moms on the importance of their position as mothers. She emphasized that God would help them in their job. We then enjoyed a delicious lunch that the CSP moms had prepared.



In the afternoon we had our first set of home visits. Those of us who had never been on one before found it to be an experience beyond our wildest expectations. The joy of seeing our sponsor child with their family in their home was overwhelming. There is a bond that develops with sponsor child and family in that short period of tine that is indescribable. One of our prayers on this trip was that we would have the opportunity to meet the fathers of these children, the fathers who have such an influence on their family. For the one home visit today by team members who have previously visited, they had the opportunity to meet dad for the first time. What a great start to our time here and to just begin to see all the prayers that God has answered.

In the evening Jay, Randy and Ron were honored to teach in the Bible School about Spiritual Leadership. Jay shared about the transformation leadership cycle (personal leadership, one-on-one leadership, team leadership and organizational leadership) of leading like Jesus, the Lion and Lamb. Randy shared about the servant leadership and following the example  of Jesus who came to serve and not to be served. Ron spoke to being a coach, mentor and the great responsibility of spiritual leadership. What an honor to be able to share on this topic as these men and women grow in their influence to the people God has placed in their path.

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