What a glorious Thursday!  We begin this message with Thursday evening.  Chad and Tim had the honor of addressing the Bible School students at the Church.  Tim spoke about commissioning and Chad delivered a message titled “Winning Souls for Jesus”.  Chad gave the students 5 steps, that we are all challenged as Christians with, to help prepare God’s harvest.  These steps include:  plowing, planting, watering, reaping and thrashing.  These metaphors represent what it takes to prepare and feed the lost until they are saved.

We mention this lesson first because today in our home visits we saw the reality of this challenge produce the fruits of our labor.  We witnessed two souls won for Jesus!  Hallelujah!  This morning, Tim, Shanna and Isaiah, visited with Abel and his family at their home.  The Corum’s had been praying that they would finally have the opportunity to meet Degu, Abel’s father.  And, an answer to prayer…he was there!  Radiete, Abel’s mom, had explained in the past that Degu was not a believer.  It was an overwhelming joy to see Degu surrender to The Lord today!


The Hartwell’s were excited to visit with Berehanu and his family for the fifth year.  Each visit, Jay and Kimberly have witnessed to Berehanu’s mom, Tiruk.  In the beginning she had no interest in Jesus but the last couple of years her heart has been softened and she has attended church with the Hartwells.  This visit, for Jay and Kimberly was different as they shared the gospel to Tiruk and she made a decision to joyfully accept Jesus Christ as her Savior!  We had no idea that today we would be celebrating with these two people as they entered the kingdom for Christ!


Each of our home visits were a joy, even though some of the stories we hear from our sponsored families are heartbreaking.  The poverty here is apparent and illness is no exception.  Jason visited with Zekaryas and his family.  Jason had fun explaining to Zekaryas’ father “planking”, an exercise some of the members of our team have been challenging each other with.  The other home visits included:  Bereket with Matthew and Randy, Frezeer with Sherri, Helena with Tim, Shanna and Isaiah, Muse with Chad and Uriah and Elias with Karen and Ron.  Our sponsored families are proud of their homes and they show genuine hospitality for us as they serve bread, coffee and popcorn to their guests.  We were blessed to spend this time with them and always look forward to the opportunity to visit their homes.  It’s our responsibility to break the ground, plant the seed, nourish our spirit, bless the soil and understand that nothing will grow without the Son!


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