We hit the ground running and prepared to meet with approximately 200 children for our VBS day! Our VBS began with traditional American worship songs and the children were excited to teach a few of their special songs in Amharic. The theme of our skit which each team member participated in was from Deuteronomy 6:5-9. Our three boys on the trip were able to help in our skit, by portraying our theme Scripture, along with showing how we honor our parents, and show respect. Our craft for the day will hopefully be hanging in homes and reminding them that we should all strive to Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.






During our VBS time, Karen received a little tug on her skirt from a sweet little girl who excitedly was trying to get her attention. This little one continued to try to talk with her and tell her something. As her mother came over to Karen and a translator walked over the recognition hit Karen, that this was indeed her sponsored girl, Semira! The joy and overwhelming emotion of seeing her, touching her and holding her for the first time brought tears to the mother and Karen.


In the afternoon we met with a few key staff members and joined in the ribbon cutting ceremony for the official opening of the new resource center. The Ascent Church has helped in funding this and the Mehele Ketema staff and congregation worked on the actual construction of the building. Upon entering the facility we were amazed to see a collage of photos that portrayed the history of our partnership. The photos covered two walls and included everything from our first 2010 trip to last years 2013 trip! What a display of what we can accomplish when we work together for His glory. We then heard the details of this program how much impact they have had on their community. The attention to detail on each individual child is a testament to the integrity of the Compasion program. We then had an opportunity to review our individual sponsored child’s files and see the reports an development of each child. This includes their immunizations, medical reports, family information, grades, etc.



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