Just a quick update that the team has not had internet for the last couple of days. They are in Addis Ababa as I write this, and are packing their bags to head to the airport. Dave was apparently very sick yesterday with what they think was food poisoning, but is better today. Pray for their safety in travel as 7 team members will be boarding a plane in 4 hours to head home, 2 have already flown this morning to South Africa, and 3 more will be boarding a plane in 4 hours to Uganda.

Once they have returned and we’re able to get their blogs about the final days in country, we will post those. Also – throughout the next couple of weeks we will be able to post many more pictures as it’s much easier to load pictures when you have better internet connections!

Thank you for your prayers for the team. It has been an amazing trip and they will have so much to share!

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