Sunday, a Day of Rest

Sorry for the late post.  We were without internet access for the last 36 hours!  Watch for a follow-up on Monday’s activities once we’re able to get wifi again.

Today was what you might consider a day of rest for the team.  We did not have to get up early as church was scheduled for 10:00 am.  The plan was for Jay to be preaching at the main church and Brian Chu, Chad and Dave preaching at three of the sister churches in the outlying areas of the city.  So after getting to the church, getting the assigned translators and getting transportation arranged, the three preachers departed while the remainder of the team attended church with Jay.  The time of worship was tremendous and the Word of God was heard.

After church, the team spent time with the people of the church while waiting for the traveling preachers to return.  During that time, many of the team were able to interact more with their sponsored children and their families who attended the church.  Two of the traveling preachers made their way back to the rest of the group, while concern arose for the third preacher.  Many attempts to reach the interpreter by cell phone were unsuccessful and finally they took the rest of the team to one of the church leader’s home for a meal and our closing ceremony with the church.  We enjoyed a great meal and fellowship with many of the church leaders, church elders and Compassion project staff.  Finally as the meal was coming to a conclusion, the wayward preacher returned to the church and was reunited with the team.

The wayward preacher had been invited into the evangelist’s home for coffee and once going inside; found that they had prepared a full meal for him and his translator.  Needless to say, according to African time, he may have been on time, but he was late and held up the closing ceremonies.  And what a blessed closing ceremony it was.  Not quite as elaborate as the Olympics but from an emotional and relationship perspective, much more meaningful and impactful.  Gifts were presented to the team on behalf of Tri Lakes Chapel as well as a special recognition to Kevin, the only youth on the trip who had endeared himself with the children, the staff and even the leaders of the church.  Way to go Kevin!

After the closing ceremony we bid goodbye to our two doctors who were being shuttled back to Addis Ababa to catch their flights home this evening.  A few of the members of the team were feeling a bit of physical fatigue so returned to the hotel for some much needed rest while the remainder of the team returned to the church for some time of relaxation prior to meetings with the youth and several business men in the church. One of the team was going to share a challenge with the youth and a couple of the business men on the trip were going to meet with the business men in the church.

At the youth meeting there was an invitation at the end of the program where the youth were challenged with giving their whole heart to God.  A large number of the youth came forward and the other members of the team prayed over them and then we wrapped up with some praise songs together before the youth were dismissed.  During the meeting with the youth, a couple of the team members who are business owners met with several business owners within the church for just a time of sharing the struggles and lessons of running a business in a way that honors Christ.  It was a blessed time for those that attended.

We have had a very healthy trip with only a few incidents of minor sickness and a few bug and mosquito bites among the team.  Continue to pray for good health as we have a VBS program scheduled tomorrow for all of the children in the Compassion Project at the church.  In addition a few other special  meetings were scheduled at the last minute to tap into the heart and insights of the team for various special groups within the church and Compassion Project.  Pray that God will continue to use us in mighty ways for His kingdom in the few days we have left before departing in several directions for the return home.  We have so appreciated the prayers of all of you that have been monitoring our progress on the trip.  We have seen God show up in so many ways that we would still be writing for weeks to come if we tried to mention them all here.  We send our love and greetings to you back at home and are looking forward to re-entry soon.

  • KimberlyH says:

    So happy to hear from you all again and know that all is going well. What a day of rejoicing for the team to be in multiple different churches all serving and worshipping the same God – whether far or near, speaking a different language, He is our one true God!

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