Fun Day

Today was truly a “FUN DAY”, for everyone involved.  This was the day that all of the TLC sponsored children (around 140!) came to meet us at a Christian camp.  We had about 45 minutes to set up before the first bus load of kids arrived…smiling and eager to play.  It was wonderful to see all their smiling faces, each wearing a tshirt with their name on it, and that of their sponsored families.  It was so fun for each of us on the team to be able to meet and greet our friend’s children!!  Each member of our team wore a blue t-shirt with our names, both in English and Amharic, so the kids were able to call us by name.  They also “autographed” our shirts!

The idea was to have 4 different groups, color coded, and we would lead the kids around to different “stations” – obstacle course, story-telling, parachute, and activities such as balls, jump ropes, sack races, etc.  The group concept lasted about 20 minutes, and then it was basically a free-for-all!  It was such a joy to watch kids race around the camp, doing the activities they loved best, playing with their friends, or sometimes just holding our hands, wanting to be near us.  It was truly a day of building relationships.  Many of us experienced very shy children at our home visits, but as the day progressed, it was amazing to see them seeking us out, wanting to be near us, and having SO much fun.  And, although there was a language barrier, we were able to see their personalities come shining through.  And, it wasn’t just building relationships with our own sponsored children – it was also getting to know many of the TLC sponsored children!  What a joy it was for each one of us.  This was a day for these children to just have fun, get enough water to drink, a HUGE lunch, to get lots of love and to give it in return!  There were LOTS of kisses, hugs, and holding hands. They also learned that we come in Jesus’s name, that Jesus died for them, and that God loves them so much.  It was hard to see them leave on the buses to return home.

After leaving the camp, we had 15 minutes to try to wipe off some of the dirt of the day, then we headed back to church for a meeting with the pastor and elders.  Once again, it was so inspiring to see the relationship that has formed between TLC and this church.  As one of the elders said “it doesn’t matter that we speak a different language, or are different colors, or have a different culture – we all are one in Christ, working to further God’s kingdom!”  AMEN!  Another amazing, wonderful day!!!

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