Final Medical Outreach Day

Our day started with the “normal” routine – up at 5:30am, breakfast at 6, on the bus at 6:45!  This was our last day of medical outreach, and overall, it was an easier and much less dusty day!  Our bus ride was only about 30 minutes!  Once at the village, we turned onto a small dirt lane that was barely big enough for the bus.  The village looked pretty deserted, and we pulled up to a small mud church with no one around.  This was the only day that we were not greeted by a crowd.  The doctors were able to get set up in the pastor’s house without having to worry about the crowd gathering outside, which was much less stressful for them.  Only a few children ran up to join us, so our pastor finally went over to the school and convinced them to let the sick students come to see us.  In all, the doctors treated 60-70 children and adults.  They were very relieved to not have to leave with a huge crowd still waiting.  For those of us on outreach to the community, it was nice to not have to worry about crowd control and really get a chance to play with the kids and to talk with the adults.  The young men and older boys had a great game of soccer (most of the morning), while the younger ones were entertained by bubbles, songs, and of course, the ever popular beach balls!  One young man accepted Christ.  It was a very special morning!  Each outreach was so different, but wonderful in their own way, definitely blessed by God!

We actually got to eat at the restaurant at lunchtime (rather than eating snacks on the bus), and then headed out to our last home visits.  Once again, it was a blessed time with our sponsored children.  In one of the home visits, the question was asked “how has Compassion sponsorship helped your child”?  The mom responded with tears in her eyes when she said “I’m so happy that my child is sponsored – it means so much to us”.  It just reaffirmed that sponsoring a child really makes a huge difference in their lives and those of their families.  It really does affect the whole family.  The appreciation we’ve seen from the parent(s) is overwhelming.  Shanna discovered that when you compliment a mom on her earrings, she gives them to you!!!  So, in return, Shanna gave her the scarf she bought last year in Ethiopia. We have been so blessed by the Ethiopian hospitality.  Our hearts are filled to overflowing!!

The theology team is finishing their last night of training as we write this, which will be followed by a healing service at the church.  Sorry, too late for this blogger, more details later.  Tomorrow is “Fun Day” with all the TLC sponsored kids.  We can’t wait to love on them all, for you!  Please pray for endurance and a special time with the kids.

  • Jen Drake says:

    We have been so happy to see these updates and hear all that God is doing through you all! From your first day of outreach to today, it sounds like He has it all ordained for the very best! Have a wonderfully blessed day with the kids tomorrow! Praying for you all.

  • KimberlyH says:

    This sounds like the first place we did outreach in 2010, except for their wasn’t a pastors home right next to the church (at least at that point). Sounds like a wonderful day that God ordained.

    Hug all those sweet kiddos tomorrow for me!

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