Beza – Jay & Kimberly’s child
Home visit: Jay, Mimi, Sherri, Wondemu

Beza (meaning: Redemption) scrambled onto the van with her friend, Setotaw, in tow. She seems to be a leader and a very social person: very confident and outgoing. After a short ride, the van door opened and we got off. We began a short hike up a hill and between a cluster of small dwellings. Doors were open, but there were no smiling faces looking out and no children milling around.

When we rounded the corner Beza’s mother greeted us warmly. Her name is Almaz, which means “diamond” or “gem.” We stepped into their one room home, perhaps 9×9 feet. Painted mud walls with colorful wallpaper around half of the walls; dirt floor and corrugated metal roof. There was electricity; no window. A bed filled almost half of the room, with no curtain or divider. Jay sat on the bed with Beza and Setotaw. Sherri, Wondimu and Mimi squeezed onto the bench that ran the length of one wall. There was a small cupboard in one corner, and Beza’s mama began preparing coffee for us. She had popcorn and bread ready and sitting on a water container. There was a poster of Jesus on the wall.

Mama is a believing protestant, but not active in church right now. She goes to church when she can, but must accept day labor whenever she can get it. Beza is 10 years old and has a 21 year old sister (living elsewhere) and a 14 year old brother, Alameyehu. Alameyehu likes the Arsenal soccer team. He is a fine, healthy looking young man and joins us from outside.

Beza lives about 5 kilometers from the Compassion Project and either walks or gets a taxi to get there. The family has been in this home for 3 years and pay 280 birr per month for rent.

Beza, mama and brother were overjoyed upon opening the backpack gifts. They especially liked the pictures of Jay’s family. We got a video of the girls (Beza and Setotaw) singing.

Mama said that time with the Lord is what makes her heart happy. She hopes and dreams of having her own residence and business. She cannot read because she has eye problems from the smoke at her work. Her prayer request is for her children.

Beza’s prayer request is that the Lord would lighten her classes.

Jay prayed for the family. He prayed not that Beza’s classes would be lighter, but that God would help her to step up to the challenge and do well.

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