A Day of Rest – February 26

This morning we had the privilege of sleeping in. Elaine blessed us with her devotional and reminded us that God rested on the 7th day and that today on our trip is our 7th day. It was a perfect day to re-energize and be prepared to finish strong. We then prepared our greeting from Tri-Lakes Chapel as well as a couple of songs to share with the Mehale Ketema Church this morning.

Being a part of their worship was simply inspiring. We did not need to know the words to feel the Spirit moving. Our interpreters would give us the theme of the message along with Scripture references so we could follow along. It was beautiful to see that the children were welcome to wander the church service throughout and visit different individuals. Some chose to sit with us, others sat by the front door, while others would wander up to get a close look at the choir singing.

One of the highlights was seeing several of our sponsored kids and their families come to church as we had invited them to join us this day. One sponsored child in our group has been invited to church 3 times by us personally in home visits and because they have a different religion the answer has always been a resolute no. Friday in this home visit we asked them to come to church and mom said yes, she promised to come this time. During the church service she came up to let us know that she was there! We promptly made room for her and let her join us. It was her first time ever to attend the church and she has 2 children in the sponsor program. She has been invited to church continuously for over a decade. This truly is about relationship.

After the service we had a leisurely lunch at a lakeside resort and then returned to our hotel to rest and prepare for our VBS day tomorrow. Thank you all for your prayers, support and personal letters. We will treasure them forever.

  • Adrienne says:

    So thankful for all of the beautiful pictures and wonderful updates. I know it is a sacrifice of time to post all of these things, and it is truly appreciated.

  • Coleen Crow says:

    Hi team, thanks so much for the updates and the photos. Bill and I have been praying for you!

    Elaine, we pray that your love of the Lord shines on those around you, whether young or old. May they see the joy and compassion of Christ, who is our only hope.

    We’re looking forward to hearing about your adventures at Base Camp when you return.

    Love, Coleen and Bill

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